Tuesday, October 29, 2013


What the humans do not know about myself and the one known as the RealSpacePirate is that we are not the size of legos.  In real life, we are massive; the size of monstrous machines.  But the legos are certainly satirical.  When we arrive, we will be taller than your Empire State Buildings yet due to the inflexible nature of our design, we will not be able to walk very fast.  Cumbersome is the posture of the lego spaceman.  Vote for me because that SpacePirate is up to no good.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Rockin Science

To be used in an upcoming video about the Humans and their "Hydraulic Fracturing" techniques.


Originally produced in 2002, this song uses a wide range of symphonic/harmonic melodic tech.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How To Name A Song

Ok so I got lost in space one day and was stuck in a galaxy with no power and ended up doing very low-power stuff like re-naming all of my song files something more cohesive.

This is what I decided.

Section A.  Development Stage
In this song, it's at Stage01 out of a potential 05.
Songs that are developed in Stage01 are often just a melody.

Section B.  ComputerBeats
The name of the perceived album title that it would be attributed to.

Section C.  Beats Per Minute
Classification for matching beats (yes, influenced by SpacePirate).

Section D.  Title of Song
Most Spacemen would probably start there.  But sections A-C are useful for the understanding of where the song is in stages of development.  It's a way of saving your level of progress, thasdnf t ht;ah;d

Crap - Asteroids.  Gotta Go.
[end transmission]