Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hi! Where's My Planet?

My name is L.S. Aristotle.  I am the Lego Spaceman.  That's the L.S.

My mission?  To find my home planet.  I've been wandering through Space for the past 32 Million years.  Finally I think I've located my home planet.  Is it Earth?

I have reason to believe that my home planet is earth.

Comprehension Questions

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  1. Why does he refer to himself as "L.S." (?)
  2. For what reason does this spaceman think Earth is his home planet?
  3. Do you believe in Quantum Physics?

    If the answer to "3" is "Yes" proceed to next section.  
Science Questions
  1. How far can you travel at light speed for 32 Million Years?
  2. What is the relation between time and space (describe in a paragraph).  
Personal Explanations
  • "32 Million years"
    I'm 32 years old
  • "L.S. Aristotle"
    This was my actual toy from when I was younger.  I thought, then when I was 7 or 8, that I was actually friends with him.  Later on in life, as I got older, I began to write stories about Aristotle. These were all fictional stories, of course, but they told a parable; perhaps a quiet metaphor abou our place in the universe, and the placement of toys in our lives.
Other Thoughts
  • I don't believe that toys are just for fun, nor is imagination just playful.  I take these as serious things.  If you see a kid with a toy and that toy is a Tonka truck, you just might have a future construction worker in the play box.  Games are metaphors for real life.  I'm sure of this.
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